Friday, January 22, 2010

Milky Way Dark

Ok, so this one might not be as new or novel, but I had never had a Milky Way Dark before. Not being a huge fan of dark chocolate, but an occasional lover, I don't often by the dark candy bars. Mint 3 Musketeers being the exception. Swoon.

I was kind of shocked when I bit into the midnight Milky Way. It was not simply a Milky Way with dark chocolate instead of milk, but a completely different candy bar. Sure, the caramel was still there, and so was the nougat, but there was a fundamental difference - the nougat is white! White! Wondering what kind of blasphemy this was, I inspected the wrapper to discover that this substance is Milky Way Dark's "Vanilla Nougat." Hmmmmm.

Do I like it? Yeah, kinda. Yes, I mean, I suppose I do like it. It reminded me of a marshmallow, which gave the whole candy bar a flavor reminiscent of a s'more. But that's just not what I want when I buy a Milky Way. I want a ton of chocolate with a good, smooth helping of caramel, unfettered by peanuts (everyone knows that you only eat Milky Way when you're not quite in the mood for a Snickers). Milky Way Dark does not provide this sensation. Chocolate + vanilla + caramel unfortunately just isn't the same as chocolate + fluffy chocolate + caramel.

Now, to be perfectly clear, the Milky Way Dark is a perfectly delicious candybar (Carl called it "heavenly"). It's just not a Milky Way. You just have to know that going in. I didn't. I was surprised. It took the whole bar for me to even understand what I had just eaten.

In a phrase: delicious, but different.

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