Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snickers Fudge

Snickers Fudge is touted "with peanut butter nougat & peanuts wrapped in milk chocolate." I was excited to try this confection because I love Snickers and I love fudge. I thought the two of them together would be a heavenly concoction of sweets.
My first thought upon biting into it, dry. It's a much dryer taste and consistency than I have come to expect from a Snickers bar. There is nothing gooey to greet your mouth with delicious sticky sweetness. The peanut butter is dry. The nougat is dry. The peanuts are peanuts. Nothing special.

What is most disappointing is I don't really taste the peanut butter. It's there, I see it. But I don't taste it. It is a dry, chocolatey candy. I much prefer the original and dark versions to this fudge disappointment.

I would have to say pass on Snickers Fudge. Especially when there are so many other delicious Snickers to enjoy out in the world. Give this one a pass.

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