Saturday, February 20, 2010

M&M's Premium: Chocolate Trio

Strolling through Target this evening I was looking for new and interesting candies. I came across the Chocolate Trio M&M's "with a NEW SHIMMERING SOFT SHELL." They are comprised of "tantalizing layers of milk, dark and white chocolates." I excitedly added them to the basket expecting a delicious treat later this evening. After dinner, I eagerly tore into the bag and popped the first one into my mouth, let the chocolate wash over my tongue.

But they are not good. The lack of a crunchy shell makes the entire candy feel like a semi-soft lump in your mouth. Instead of being the best of all chocolate worlds, none of them stand out individually. The chocolate all runs together and you get a generic chocolate taste. It's still chocolate and still pretty good chocolate to boot. However, nothing special.

The soft shell is a real sticking point for me.. The shell does shimmer a bit in the light. However, they look like those lumps of glitter and Elmer's glue I used to make in elementary school after I was done with the art project. It is not a visually appealing candy to eat. Nor do you get a satisfying crunch you've come to love and expect from M&M's. And I'm pretty sure they would melt in my hand.

All in all, a very disappointing purchase. I was hoping for a tri-chocolate 3-ring circus extravaganza. What I got was a hungover birthday clown.

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